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By Rachael Palumbo

Gwen Marriott is your average college student:  She writes books, stays inside, and daydreams about her own characters.  She lives a quiet life with her best friend, Randall, and her cat, Shrapnel.  When she wakes in a muddy trench - the last scene she had written in her book - she believes herself to be dreaming.  But, wiith her stuck in a fantasy world, and her main character running around in her college apartment, Gwen must survive to be able to return home - if her brother’s can find out how that is.  It’s every author’s nightmare as Gwen must see firsthand the effects of her writing and plot, and come face to face with the people whose lives she may have destroyed.  

One of the newest fantasy authors, Rachael has created a world that is easy to fall into, and even easier to get lost in.  

Available October 1st, 2017 in all major retailers

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The Dead Air Cracks
Chaos Reigns - Book 1
By Joshua Friest

L-ove is a kind of drug
U-nbeknownst to me
C-an no one really see?
Y-ou're she child of prophecy

Available October 1st, 2017

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