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We will have information here regarding our upcoming releases!
Information will cycle as it becomes available.

We are excited to welcome Joshua Friest to our publishing family!  We signed a 6 book contract with him, and will have the first few of the seriest "Chaos Reigns" Available soon!

We are excited to anounce that Elsewhere, a fantasy novel by Rachael Palumbo, will be going on sale soon!

We are proud to announce that we have signed Malika Bonilla, the well known Science Fiction Ghostwriter out of the Chicagoland area to a two year contract!
  1. Joshua Friest
    Joshua Friest
  2. Johnathon McElhaney
    Johnathon McElhaney
  3. Elsewhere - Rachael Palumbo
    Elsewhere - Rachael Palumbo
    October 2017